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Alliance For Cryoglobulinemia
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My Maddening Maze began suddenly, when I was just 47, with a plethora of autoimmune diseases. The life I knew changed forever due to chronic debilitating fatigue and pain. Faced with challenges beyond my understanding I began a never ending search for answers. I was later diagnosed in 2010 with a Rare Disease, Cryoglobulinemia Vasculitis. This disease causes my blood to gel in what appears to be temperatures lower than 70 degrees. When this phenomenon happens it can be life threatening causing organ damage, stroke, eye and vision loss along with a host of other complications. Both my kidneys and heart have been attacked by this uninvited guest and each day brings new challenges both physically and mentally. I live to find answers for myself and others that are afflicted with this rare disease and to find joy in living, whatever the cost. My passion and purpose is sharing the voice of the patient lost in the Maze and offering the face of Wellness in spite of it all.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I've been missing for a month.

Good Morning Friends,

Although I feel like I have been to hell and back over and over again, I am thankful for the life I do have.  I watch how strong my children have become because of my health issues.  My son has this quoto on his FB page. "We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand"- Randy Pausch.

What an awesome quote. Remember it.  It's all about attitude.  Be a happy survivor.

When I notice how much my son (he's 20) has grown watching me go through years and years of illness, I feel assured that if anything ever happened to me, he has the right attitude to get through his own issues.

Let's all try to have a positive day today.  Think of the blessings in your lives. Pray for those who are less fortunate than us.

Tomorrow is another day so let go of the sorrow of today if that is what you are feeling and remember that tomorrow there is a new sun that will shine blessings on you.  Just be open to what is.  If your life is full of joy than be an angel friend to someone else and offer them your heart.

I missed a whole month of what happened but I will get back to it later.  I just felt inspired to share these  thoughts this morning.

love to all and blessings

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